Unreliable statistics on e-book sales

“I recall at one point last year someone added up all the eBook marketshare claims that were made and it worked out that Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Google accounted for 130% of the eBook market!” 

“..Nielsen does not have access to any eBook sales data. The reason is that by the very nature of how eBooks are sold publishers receive their eBook sales data instantly and directly.”

“…the biggest eBook retailer (who has over 50% of the eBook market) has a track record of not sharing their data with anyone so any sales data from other eBook retailers would not be a complete reflection of actual eBook sales.”


“One of the great ironies of the e-book era is that while digital data streams and a market concentrated among a small number of retailers should result in an easily measured, fully transparent marketplace, we are left with the opposite, since those retailers have declined to share any data.”



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