Survey: Libraries, patrons, and e-books

12% of e-book readers have borrowed an e-book from a library. Those who use libraries are pretty heavy readers, but most are not aware they can borrow e-books.

Download the full survey here: PIP_Libraries_and_Ebook_Patrons 6.22.12

Source: Dec. 2011 results are from a survey of 2,986 people ages 16 and older conducted November 16- December 21, 2011. N for print book readers in the past 12 months= 2,295. N for e-reader owners in the past 12 months=793. N for audiobook listeners in the past 12 months=415. The survey was conducted in English and Spanish and on landline and cell phones.

Some extracts:

Schermata 2013-01-14 a 22.57.29 Schermata 2013-01-14 a 23.01.56 Schermata 2013-01-14 a 23.05.29Schermata 2013-01-14 a 23.07.12


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